2014 Innovative Speaker Series


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The California Pacific Public Health Training Center (CALPACT) is pleased to present the 2014-2015 Innovative Leaders Speaker Series for the continued professional development of our public health workforce. 

The Series is co-sponsored with the Center for Health Leadership (CHL). The CHL mission is to inspire and empower current and emerging health leaders to realize their leadership potential and to solve the health challenges facing California and the world, and to increase the depth and quality of diverse health leaders and professionals in all health sectors. The CHL aspires to accomplish this by serving as an innovative, lifelong resource for students, alumni, and other professionals to enhance their capacity to lead from where they are, and to enhance their ability to create transformational impacts on public health and health care. Each speaker in the Series provides our students and professionals with essential resources that promote leadership through innovation.

Our goal for the new Innovative Leaders Speaker Series is to provide public health professionals with an opportunity to learn about innovative ideas and new ways of thinking while creating a forum to share these ideas with others. Each session will provide you with an opportunity to hear directly from leaders and to network with your peers. 

This Series provides lectures with key leaders in the following core competencies for public health professionals:


CaryM HeadshotOn Friday, September 19, 2014,  Dr. Margaret (Maggi) Cary, physician, leadership coach, and writer, led the workshop, "How to Engage Your Audience with Story: Leadership 101." Participants learned how to use effective presentation and storytelling skills to induce your audience, constituents, and funders to lean forward, and listen in. Learn more here.


Stay tuned for more speakers in this Series!