According to the Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health:

  • Current estimates are that an additional 250,000 public health workers will be necessary by 2020.
  • There are a diminishing number of public health workers over time, forcing the public health workforce to serve more people with fewer resources.
  • The documented drastic shortages in public health professionals make us vulnerable to serious health risks.
  • In order to replenish the workforce and avert the crisis, schools of public health will have to train three times the current number of graduates over the next 12 years.


In an effort to combat the future public health workforce crisis outlined above, CALPACT seeks to offer trainings and courses that will position public health professionals to meet the growing health needs of the population. Our trainings, courses and events have been designed to provide new information and skill development or practice for the public health professional with a demanding job. The trainings and courses are interactive, easily accessible, introduce new skills, utilize various media platforms, and meet the current training needs of a busy public health workforce. CALPACT seeks to usher the public health workforce into this new era of service provision and to avert this crisis.

To learn more about our learning opportunities, please see the information available about our online live coursesclassroom trainings, and online archived courses.