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A very heartfelt Thank You from the California Pacific Public Health Training Center (CALPACT) at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health to all our community and collaborative partners! We appreciate and have deeply valued your support of our work and joint efforts to provide high quality and impactful trainings to significantly increase the competency, capacity, and performance of the public health workforce in the underserved rural and urban areas in Northern and Central California, Hawai'i, and the United States Associated Pacific Islands (USAPI). We are also very thankful for the generous support from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) that enabled us to do this work together!

To learn more about how this work continues, please visit the Regional Public Health Training Centers Network (PHTC). To learn more about ongoing professional development opportunities at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, please visit the Center for Public Health Practice & Leadership.

September, 2014


What We Do

We provide free or low-cost trainings to busy public health professionals. We offer the latest trainings in new and social media, leadership and multi-cultural health.


Our Partners

Our collaboration partners:

  • UC Berkeley
  • CSU Fresno
  • UC Davis
  • UH Manoa


Our Funder

We are funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the primary Federal agency for improving access to health care.